CRHSAC Equipment Resources Map

Click on the image below to launch the Council's Equipment Resources Map.

Here you can search available Council-funded equipment throughout the Central Region. 

A Mobile-Friendly Version can be found HERE

Equipment Map Screenshot.PNG

CRHSAC Equipment Resource Guide Book

List of available Council-funded equipment throughout the Central Region, printed 2017.

TECC Training Equipment Cache

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Training Equipment Cache is available to Central Region jurisdictions to conduct TECC-related trainings. Above is a list of available equipment. Cache policy and loan form available below.

TECC Training Cache Use Policy and Loan Form

CRHSAC FFY2019 Investment Plan

This plan uses input from Council members, regional stakeholders, and relevant guidance to develop funding priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. 

CRHSAC 2020-2022 Multi-Year Training & Exercise Plan

This plan examines the Council's recent training & exercise program and guides future training & exercise programs for the Central Region.

CRHSAC Alternate Route Maps

In 2017, the Council developed Alternate Route Maps for all Central Region Limited Access Highways (except Interstate 90)

I-84 Alternate Route Maps

I-190 Alternate Route Maps

I-290 Alternate Route Maps

I-395 Alternate Route Maps

I-495 Alternate Route Maps

MA Rt 2 Alternate Route Maps

MA Rt 146 Alternate Route Maps