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Central Region Homeland Security Advisory Council

The members of the Central Region Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (CRHSAC) have decision making authority, within guidelines provided by the Executive Office of Public Safety & Security (EOPSS), to approve projects funded through the State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) grants provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Project Funding Request Process

EOPSS FFY Announcement & Plan Formulation

CRHSAC develops an annual SHSP Homeland Security Plan at the beginning of each grant cycle, according to EOPSS’ guidelines and funding priorities through Project Proposals made to Council Subcommittees. This Plan is then approved through a vote of the Full Council.  Council members, non-Council members, and other entities within the region may submit project requests or funding suggestions to Council Subcommittees. The CRHSAC Homeland Security Plan is then reviewed by EOPSS and FEMA.

Click HERE to download the FFY2024 Project Proposal form. (Form will be uploaded when the call for proposals is announced. Late fall/early winter 2023

Project Proposals must:

  • Provide a regional benefit

  • Address one or more of the Commonwealth's State Homeland Security Strategy 

  • Fit within the current CRHSAC approved plan(s)

  • Be submitted to 

Project Development 

SHSP funds are typically released 9-14 months after they are announced. Once funds are allocated, a Project Justification (PJ) form or a Training Review Request (TRR) must be submitted with quotes and supporting documentation to the appropriate Subcommittee for review. Council Subcommittees then review and vote on Project Justifications. Approved PJs and TRRs then go before the Full Council for approval.  -   *The Council or subcommittee has the authority to approve or deny each funding request.*

Click HERE to download a Project Justification form.

Click HERE to download a Training Review Request form.

Project Approval

Approved PJs and TRRs are then reviewed by EOPSS for final approval. Additional approval may be required for:

  • All interoperability projects must be approved by the State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC)

  • All training and exercise projects must receive Environmental and Historical Preservation (EHP) approval from FEMA, submitted by CMRPC Staff

  • All technical rescue and fire apparatus equipment must be approved by Fire Chiefs Association of Mass. (FCAM)



Once all approvals are received, project specifications must be submitted to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) for procurement. MAPC then solicits quotes according to MGL c30B. Equipment is inventoried by CMRPC staff upon delivery. Receiving Documents are signed by the receiving entity and sent to MAPC for final payment. 


Program Support

The CRHSAC contracts with the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) to provide program support for the Council.



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