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*Submit all forms to*

Project Justification Form

For all project funding requests

A guide to filling out a PJ can be found HERE

Training Review Request Form

Use this form for all training and exercise project funding requests

Backfill and Overtime Reimbursement Form

To be submitted to CMRPC staff at 

CRHSAC Training and Exercise Sign-In Sheet

Required for all participants for reimbursement 

Council Policies

Project, Training, and Exercise Request Submission Policy

Guidance on the procedure for submitting requests for Council funds

CRHSAC ASHER and TECC Training and Exercises Policy

Requirements and Guidelines for Project Justification for funding requests to the CRHSAC for ASHER (Active Shooter/Hostile Environment Response) and TECC (Tactical Emergency Critical Care) trainings and exercises (Nov. 2018)

CRHSAC Equipment Policy

Policy related to the request of, use of, maintenance of, and disposal of Council funded equipment

CRHSAC Training Attendance Policy

No-notice or short-notice cancellations by attendees may result in becoming ineligible for future Council-sponsored trainings, up to one year. 

CRHSAC Backfill and Overtime Policy

Capped hourly rate at $40.00/hour, effective March 5, 2019

CRHSAC Lettering Policy 

Lettering is capped at $800.00 per project

EOPSS Disposition and Sale of Equipment Guidance

For disposing of any Council-funded equipment

Program Guidance

Developing Project Justifications (PJs)

Federal Homeland Security Funded Training and Exercise Guidance

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Policy Guidance

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities (LETPA) Eligible Activities

Requirements of a Complete Bid Specification

CBRNE Vehicle and Watercraft Procurement Guidance

Catering Cost Guidance

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

Travel Expense Guidance

Disposal and Sale of Equipment Guidance

FEMA Policy: Prohibited or Controlled Equipment Under FEMA Awards


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