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Training Opportunity: Amtrak Passenger Train Emergency Response (PTER) Training

The Central Region Homeland Security Council and the Amtrak Police are pleased to announce a unique training opportunity: the Passenger Train Emergency Response (PTER) Training.

This is a free, two-part classroom and practical, emergency preparedness course for professionals who may respond to a passenger rail emergency.

This is a two-part training. You must sign up for an In-class Session and the Practical Session on June 15th. Click on the links below to sign up.

In-Class Session - Choose One:

Practical Session:

Topics covered will include Railroad Right of Way Safety, Passenger and Host Railroad Relationship, Railroad Nomenclature and Identification, Passenger Train Crew Identification, Challenges of Extrication, Incident Command System for Railroad incidents, Pneumatic and Electrical Hazards, Train Equipment Design, Incident Response Pre-Planning, Amtrak Incident Response Team overview, Derailment Case Studies, and a Brief Overview of Freight Trains.

Target Audience: First Responders –Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Emergency Managers, Police & Fire Dispatchers, Coroners/Medical Examiners who may respond to or be involved in Amtrak emergencies.

Please contact Conor McCormack at for a copy of the flyer or for more information.

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