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January 28th is National Data Privacy Day!

Please take some time and read the important information provided by the MassCyberCenter

Raising Awareness on the Importance of Safeguarding Consumer Data

Data Privacy Day is an international effort held annually on January 28th to spread awareness about data privacy and to educate individuals on how to secure their personal information. It also works to encourage businesses to respect privacy and be more transparent about how they collect, store and use data. The MassCyberCenter at MassTech is proud to be a champion for Data Privacy Day 2021! Join us in promoting these useful tips provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to help guide individuals and businesses to better data privacy practices and other resources we have to offer such as those from our Life’s Work at Home campaign. Here: Data Privacy Tips & Resources

For more information about Data Privacy Day 2021 and how to get involved, visit

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