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FFY2024 Request for Project Proposals

The Central Region Homeland Security Advisory Council (CRHSAC) is calling on the Region for FFY2024 project proposals. The Subcommittees will pre-approve eligible Proposals during the February meetings. Subcommittees will provide feedback on submitted proposals and inform the submitter to incorporate any feedback. Proposals will then be re-reviewed during the regularly scheduled meetings in February and March 2024. The Planning Committee will select eligible projects creating the A and B List. Eligible projects will be selected to the “A” list based on the FFY2024 allocated budget. Eligible Projects that do not make the A List will be placed on the “B List.” The Council will vote on the final A and B list proposals during the February and March 2024 meetings. Funding for FFY2024 will not become available until January 2025.


Allowable Cost Categories:

-        Planning, Organization, Equipment (Must have AEL number), Training and Exercise

-        Authorized Equipment List (AEL)


Eligible Projects:

Project Proposals must support one or more of the following:

1) Enhancing the protection of soft targets/crowded places

2) Enhancing information and intelligence sharing

3) Combatting domestic violence extremism

4) Enhancing cybersecurity

5) Enhancing community preparedness and resilience

6) Enhancing election security


Projects must demonstrate how proposed investments:

·        Support terrorism preparedness

·        Supports a regional purpose

·        Support closing capability gaps or sustaining capabilities identified in the latest THIRA/SPR process and national priorities as outlined in the national Preparedness Report

·        Engage and/or impact the whole community, including children, older adults, pregnant woman, and individuals with limited English proficiency, individuals with disabilities and others with access and functional needs, and ensure the protection of civil rights in the building, sustainment, and delivery of core capabilities.



Projects must explain how the proposed investments will support efforts to:

·        Prevent a threatened or an actual act of terrorism

·        Prepare for all hazards and threats, while explaining the nexus to terrorism preparedness

·        Protecting citizens, residents, visitors, and assets against the greatest threats and hazards relating to acts of terrorism; and/or

·        Respond quickly to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs in the aftermath of an act of terrorism or other catastrophic incidents.



Important Dates:

ntation will be disqualified


Submission Details:

-        Project Proposals are due no later than Wednesday, January 31, 2024 to 

o   Subject line FFY24 Project Proposal

-        Proposal received after the deadline may not be considered

-        All proposals to be completed using the below template

-        Proposal should include any additional supporting documentation such as: Letters of Support, Quotes, estimates, etc.

FFY2024 CRHSAC Project Proposal Form
Download DOCX • 77KB

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